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Een sterke website zorgt voor meer klanten

Who is WithBestRegards?
WithBestRegards is an online personalized gift store. The company sells gifts in various categories ranging from rompers to clocks. Each gift can be personalized by the customer with their own text, photo or name.

What were their requirements?
The customer wanted a fully customized web shop including a customer portal and software where personalization was possible. The briefing with the customer showed that they wanted complex functionalities on the website, such as an editor.

Also the completion of various processes on the back-end belonged to the wishes of the client, such as the option to link various suppliers to the WithBestRegards webshop.

What is the end result?
We have built a full custom build and fully integrated WordPress + WooCommerce webshop including portal according to the client’s wishes. A webshop with a conversion oriented look, a simple navigation structure and the possibility to personalize.

The WithBestRegards webshop is also provided with a separate login for vendors and suppliers. This way, suppliers also have (partial) access to the website.

All in all, we provided the client with a performing portal + shop in one of the most competitive environments.

How did we do it?
To get to the result, we used our expertise in the following areas. We installed an editor, added an advanced stock management, created a dynamic shopping basket and a link to the fulfillment centers. The design of the website was made completely according to the wishes of the client.

Web development
Webshop development

The integrated editor allows the customer to edit the gift with a text, photo or name. This was a hard wish of the customer, as offering personalized gifts falls under the core business of the company.

Stock Management
By implementing a very advanced stock management system, WithBestRegards has access to the latest and most diverse stock management capabilities.

Dynamic shopping basket
WithBestRegards is a European company. Therefore we have added a dynamic shopping basket to the functionalities of the webshop. This means that shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the location of the customer.

Link with fulfillment centers
The portal is linked to the fulfillment centers WithBestRegards works with. This means that incoming orders can be easily processed and forwarded to the supplier.

On a monthly basis we work on the organic and paid visibility of the company. This is done through website optimization and advertising. Thus, we not only manage and maintain the website of the client, but we also take care of the online marketing.