How to build a blog with Elementor in 1 hour?

Building a beautiful blog is time consuming, exhausting and frustrating… or is it? This certainly doesn’t have to be the case! The fact is that with Elementor and Astra you can build a great blog within an hour, in a blog theme that does exactly what you want. You can easily assemble and apply Elementor and Astra, both free tools, without understanding code. That’s nice! Of course we are happy to tell you more about the combination of Elementor and Astra.

Building a blog quickly with Elementor and Astra

What is important if you want to build a blog? There are a few things that are important, such as:

  • Strong and striking design
  • Code-free controls
  • User-friendly page builder
  • Easy Customizability
  • Fast loading time

When you combine Elementor and Astra, you can be sure that your blog meets all of the above features, plus a little more! Elementor is a free page builder that helps you design and customize core pages. This works very simply, especially since you don’t need to know any codes. You work with drag and drop, so that edits are completely code-free. Astra theme and its free add-on, Starter Templates plugin, provide a flexible foundation for your blog. Quickly import templates and customize your blog with simple controls that are completely code-free. To get started, all you need is the latest version of WordPress.

Deploying Astra theme to build the base

What makes Astra so interesting for building the foundation of your blog? There are two main reasons for this. First and foremost, Astra is super light and optimally coded. This means you will not encounter any problems or bugs and you will benefit from fast loading times. In addition, Astra offers you an easy-to-use way to design and customize your blog using the code-free WordPress Customizer. Below you will find a step-by-step plan to quickly get started with Astra.

Step 1: Install Astra Theme and Starter Templates plugin

Install Astra Theme and the corresponding plugin Starter Templates. This associated plugin is also free. You can find both extensions on, so you can easily install them without leaving the dashboard. Install Astra Theme and Starter Templates .

Step 2:
Import a starter template

Immediately after installing Astra Theme and Starter Templates you can import the blog design. To do this, go to Display> Astra options> Starter templates in the WordPress dashboard. Then select the Elementor page builder option.


You will now immediately see all starter templates that you can import for your blog. Note that there are also a number of templates that are only available for the paid version of Astra (premium). Go to the Free tab to see which templates you can import for free. By clicking on a template you can preview the template.

Have you found a template you want to use for your blog? Then you can click on it to view the live preview. In this live example, you can start importing the template by clicking Site. For this step-by-step plan we use the Coach template.

After completing the import, you can click the button again to view your website. In the next section, you can always use the Customizer controls to redesign your blog if you want. The starter templates save you a lot of time in this way and immediately provide a blog design that looks professional.

Step 3: Tweak your blog with the WordPress Customizer

After importing the demo you can personalize your blog. To do this, use the Customizer controls of the Astra theme. Among other things, you can adjust the following:

  • The font you want to apply
  • The appearance of the layout of blog texts
  • Colors you want to use in the design

To access the Customizer, go to Appearance> Customize in the WordPress dashboard. You can make any changes you want here. Any changes you make will not take effect until you click Publish. So you can try multiple options without any worries until you find the right one. Experiment and learn! After making each change, you can watch a live preview to see what it looks like. Are you not happy with it? Then you can just adjust it again.

how to build a blog with elementor

We recommend that you definitely get started with the following components within the free version of Astra Theme:

  • Typography (adjust font and size for various parts)
  • Layout (appearance of the blog content)
  • Colors and background (color and background management for various components)

Do you want to use more options? Then you can of course choose to upgrade to Astra Pro. This gives you more control over the blog layout, allowing you to display the blog posts in a grid, manage the author’s bio view, and apply other useful blog settings. With Astra Pro, you also get more header options. For example, you can create a strong, eye-catching header for your blog. Finally, you also get much more detailed color and typography controls, allowing you to personalize your blog even further.

Here you will find an overview of all Astra Pro functions .

Using Elementor for core page customization

When it comes to the design and style of your blog, Astra theme will help you make the necessary adjustments. The Elementor page builder is used to build the core pages, such as Home and About Us. You can easily customize these pages by using drag and drop in the Elementor interface. Simply click on the Edit with Elementor option if you are editing any of the pages.

Customize your page with Elementor

You can learn all about using Elementor by watching the special Elementor 101 videos .

Do more with Astra and Elementor for your blog!

Astra and Elementor have excellent features for building a blog quickly and easily. These free tools show you that building a beautiful blog doesn’t have to cost blood, sweat, and tears. Want to do more with Astra and Elementor? Then it is good to know that a Pro version of both tools is also available. These provide additional features that give you even more control and flexibility when building your blog.

Additional features with Astra Pro

If you choose Astra Pro, you can use handy extra functionalities that help you make your blog really ‘your own’. Below you will find 6 useful functions of Astra Pro.

  1. White Label

Want to build a blog for someone else? Then this is quite possible. In the Pro version of Astra you can remove all Astra branding and replace it with branding from someone else, or your own of course.

  1. Scroll to top link

You make the user experience of online visitors to your blog a lot more pleasant with this function, which ensures that the user quickly returns to the top.

  1. Page headers

Meta fields, breadcrumbs, and other options make it a lot easier for you to make page headers and title areas extra eye-catching and catchy.

  1. Sticky and transparent header

This handy feature gives you more control over where the navigation menu appears and how it functions.

  1. Additional color and typography options

Colors and typography should go well with your blog. Astra pro gives you more control over both the colors and typography of your blog.

  1. More blog layout options

You get more options for an effective blog layout. For example, you can install a grid layout for your blog posts, which is especially useful if you want to use eye-catching featured images.

What can you expect from Elementor Pro?

As mentioned, there is also a Pro version of Elementor and this can certainly offer added value. Among other things, you get new widgets that allow you to display all your blog posts as part of your Elementor designs. Be sure to get acquainted with all Elementor Pro features .

Instantly build your blog with Elementor and Astra!

By combining Elementor and Astra you can quickly and easily build and fully customize a blog without having to know any code. You can easily build your ideal blog by means of a drag and drop operation. Astra is optimized to load web pages quickly. This means that your blog not only looks very professional, but also that it performs optimally. Would you rather outsource it to an Astra and Elementor specialist? Then Creative Team is of course ready for you. Please feel free to contact us.


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